• Spine, Artist Book by Katya Reka

  • Legends, Artist Book by Katya Reka

  • To The Wind, Artist Book by Katya Reka

  • White Holes by Katya Reka

I am a graphic designer, book artist, papermaker and educator. I play with words and materials to find and expose the poetic connections between body and nature. My work explores handmade and digital integrating book arts, graphic design, printmaking, photography and textiles. Interested in the role and place of a physical book in the contemporary world, I combine handmade paper, stitching, traditional printmaking techniques with digital printing, video and interactive publications for digital tablets.

I make, teach, travel and grow. My home and garden are my studio, my process evolves and adapts to the environments around me. The interconnectedness of beings, plants and the environment, its resilience and fragility, its finality and cyclical nature are the constant fascination and the driving force behind in my work.